Training Camp Notes for August 18th

So training camp comes to an end almost as soon as it began….sigh.  But not before one more training camp news and notes entry!

1. Linebacker Clint Session has made appearances again at practice.  I saw him today with sunglasses and a hat on, which to me, means he may be dealing with some post-concussion light sensitivity issues and so forth.   But good to see  him back on the field.

2. Maurice Jones Drew and Aaron Kampman did participate in today’s walk through but we will NOT be seeing them tomorrow night against the Falcons.

3. #68 Guy Whimper is still filling in for the absent Eben Britton.  The official word is that Britton is supposed to be back for the regular season opener against the Titans on September 11th.  Let’s hope so.

4.  #65 Will Rackley has solidified his position at the left guard spot vacated by Vince Manuwai.  Remember, this is a guy that Jack Del Rio himself said “looks like he belongs.”  This draft class is going to see a lot of playing time.  Gabbert, Rackley, and leading to my next point….

5. Cecil Shorts is getting a good number of reps at practice.  The team is big on the rookie wide receiver.  Expect to see #84 sooner rather than later.


One Comment on “Training Camp Notes for August 18th”

  1. Mark Machine says:

    I learned a lot from this post, much appreciated! 🙂

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