Blaine Gabbert is a golden god….

If you don’t get the reference, please go watch “Almost Famous.”  Amazing movie with tons of Led Zeppelin on the soundtrack.  Now that’s what I call a win-win situation.

Ok, on to the Jaguars.

I had a chance to go to training camp this morning and boy, did Blaine Gabbert look good.  His passes were accurate, well-timed, and had power behind them.  He did a nice job of anticipating his receivers and completed passes to several of them including Mike Thomas and rookie Cecil Shorts.  Gabbert has been splitting first team reps with veteran David Garrard, who (in my opinion) has been a little shaky the couple of times Ive watched him this week.  But Gabbert has looked poised, confident, and most of all, consistent. I know it’s training camp.  I know it’s not a game situation with blitzes and pressure and defenders in your face.  I get that–but still, you’ve got to be good in practice if you want to be good on the field.

Speaking of Garrard…I had a chance to watch him this morning as well.  The majority of his completions were dump down passes to Maurice Jones-Drew.  Other than that, the ball was either underthrown, overthrown, or thrown away.  Now let me make it clear; I’m a David Garrard fan.  Some of his criticism is well-warranted, but I also think he gets more of it at times than he deserves.  But to me, Gabbert has out-shined him this week so far.  Garrard told the media the other day that his back is around 90%, so I’m not sure how much that could be playing into his performance.  Maybe it’s just an off week for him.  But I thought even McCown looked better this morning than Garrard did.

As far as this week’s game against the Falcons, look for Gabbert to again get a good amount of time out on the field.  Jack Del Rio has said that he is going to treat David Garrard with care, so I dont see JDR playing him for an extended period of time, if at all.   Good experience again for the golden god….also known as Blaine Gabbert…


One Comment on “Blaine Gabbert is a golden god….”

  1. […] to some accounts of practice, Garrard hasn’t been particularly sharp since he’s returned to practice, either. The majority of his completions were dump down passes to Maurice Jones-Drew. Other than […]

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