Thank God the preseason doesn’t count…..


So I know it was the pre-season, meaning the Jaguars had their second and third string players in for the majority of the game.  But wasn’t that the same for New England as well?


Either the Patriot’s back ups are some of the best in the league…or I now have serious concerns about Jacksonville’s depth at almost all positions!


Things I didn’t like:

  1. Rashean Mathis still leaving room for his receiver to make a catch.  Luckily he dropped it but unfortunately, it wasn’t because of the coverage.
  2. The lack of protection from the offensive line.  Gabbert appeared to be hit too many times in the first half of the game.  I know Del Rio wanted him to feel pressure, but there was one sack in particular that was a pretty hard hit.  If the o-line can’t do a better job of protecting the QB during the regular season, it’s going to be real difficult to have an efficient passing game.
  3. Speaking of passing; New England’s ability to pass so efficiently with their 2nd AND 3rd string quarterback was a bit unnerving…too reminiscent of last season boys.  It’s got to start up front with pressure but the secondary has to be able to shut their receivers down as well.
  4. Receivers dropping the ball!!  Please make a catch!
  5. Lack of conversion in the red zone.  Blaine Gabbert said it best…you’re not going to win games with field goals.
  6. Matt Turk’s punts.  Yikes.


What caught my eye:

  1. Blaine Gabbert.  I thought he showed poise in the pocket and threw some bombs.  Rick Ballou talked the other day on 1010XL’s Frank Frangie Show with Rick Ballou about “smart” players with high football IQ’s and I think that’s what Jacksonville has in Gabbert—he’s going to study the film, spend time fixing mistakes, and continue to get better.
  2. Deji Karim and Rashad Jennings at running back.  I’ve always liked Jennings as a capable back up to Maurice Jones-Drew and thought he did a nice job last season coming through down the stretch.  Karim has been a solid kick return specialist and it was nice to see more of the run game from him.
  3. The explosiveness of new linebacker Clint Session.  Really looking forward to seeing what he’s capable of.


Again, it is the pre-season.  And yes, Jacksonville was playing with out some key starters, including Maurice Jones-Drew, Aaron Kampman, and Marcedes Lewis so I don’t want to get freaked out too soon.  But I would have liked to have seen some young guys step up and wow me.  And at the end of the night, I was any thing but wowed….


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